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It is really important for you to stay strong especially when the thing that you do revolves around giving others confidence"
- Samina Malik, Founder and CEO of Samina Malik Image Design

Hi Samina, can you tell me more about yourself?

First of all, I’m a mother of four and I’m very proud of that because it’s not an easy task. I also call myself a mumpreneur. I run my own business and take care of my family at the same time. As an entrepreneur, I’ve created an innovative personal make-up and styling service – Samina Malik Image Design. I am even called the “Fairy Godmother” by some ladies because I help them feel like a Cinderella again. Basically, I help women to believe in their beauty through my customised and very bespoke makeup courses/lessons, which are designed for every woman.

You mentioned that you are a mumpreneur, how do you manage to find a balance between work and family life?

I am very strict with my time. I work Monday to Friday, from 10am till 3pm. Those are the definite hours. If I ever go beyond that, it is purely a special service because I genuinely like you and you really need my help. I have to keep that balance for my family. I wouldn't want to sacrifice their happiness for my business. I do want to be a strong businesswoman but I still want to show other women that you can have a balance. You can achieve it. Everything is just a matter of priority.

What made you gain the confidence to start your own personal make-up & styling service?

Confidence actually came when I started believing in myself. I knew I have some sort of talent. I believe I am good at makeup. People have come to ask, "Samina, I like your talent, I like the way you do your makeup, can you teach me?" That was when I started doing their makeup. It made them rediscover their beauty and build their confidence. In return, I think their confidence made the confidence in me grow too. I did all of that while being away from my family and raising four children. To be able to inspire other women and make them feel special at the same time, I think that is empowering. And it gives me strength.  

Considering how your business revolves around building trust in oneself and embracing beauty, I’m wondering if there is a time when you lose confidence?

When you feel that you are working really hard and you don’t see immediate results, you do lose a little confidence. Or when someone takes you for granted and not recognise your efforts after you have poured your heart and soul. You lose a bit of confidence as well, I think. The list goes on but I feel that these are short-lived and I’m able to regain my confidence again.

When my daughter looks at my pictures, her eyes are always beaming in awe. When my children see their mummy as someone special and tell me how proud they are of me, it warms my heart. My friends and family have been giving me constant reminders like, “Samina, I love what you’re doing. You’re inspiring us.” I do lose confidence but I build it up straight away.

The key, to me, is to not reveal too much or just show it to your inner circle. It is really important for you to stay strong especially when the thing that you do revolves around giving others confidence.

Do you have any advice to your 18-year-old self?

Oh my God… at 18-year-old, I had zero confidence. Here’s my advice;

There will be a time when life is looking very, very miserable and you don’t believe in yourself. You fail in achieving what you do, like your studies. People don’t believe you’re beautiful. You feel ugly. You don’t believe in yourself at all. Don’t listen to any negative comments that come in your way. Don’t think that what you’re experiencing now is anything like what you’re going to experience in the future. You’re only going through this because it is changing the person you’re going to become.

There’s a reason why you’re going through this hardship. You need to have a great understanding because later on in life, you’ll be showing empathy to other people just like yourself. Trust me, you will be able to build them up. It’s a life lesson that you’re learning; you just don’t know it yet.

Lastly, what's your life motto?

Believe in yourself because you can do anything and everything. You just have to work hard. Firstly, you have to have a dream and passion. Secondly, just have the guts to reach out for it.

For more information on Samina's bespoke makeup and image design courses, visit: www.saminamalik.com


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  • Samina is amazing! Before she did this as a business she was putting makeup on me…she saw in me what I didn’t…she is a gem and anyone who gets to work with her is lucky. I love her so much:)


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