MSP #1: Elevate Your Personal Style 

Mira Sianipar Presents ‘Elevate Your Personal Style’
supported by Manifesto

Singapore – October 28, 2017 – Mira Sianipar presented ‘Elevate Your Personal Style’, a styling workshop followed by a networking session, with an open invitation to high profile individuals such as creative directors, retailers, stylists, entrepreneurs, media and VIP customers. The closed-door event took place concurrently with Singapore Fashion Week, from 2p.m to 5p.m. at Manifesto. Following the success of Mira Hat Conversations that was launched as a movement to share stories of women empowerment, the plan after was to curate a platform for fashion entrepreneurs and artists to showcase their works. Off-the-runway pieces were presented from labels that showed their collection at Singapore Fashion Week such as Nida Shay, State Property and Wai Yang. This exclusive curation also includes internationally renowned jewellery label, Charmed Forces and winner of Men’s Folio Designer of The Year 2017, De Han. Textile designer, Marcus, also exhibited his art installation alongside the designers. ‘Elevate Your Personal Style’ was formulated to be an interactive, experiential and educational event that promotes establishing a constant style in the passage of a fast-paced fashion era. By understanding real human silhouettes beyond standard sizes, Mira Sianipar presented a couple of flattering looks which consist of selected pieces from the designers styled with essential pieces from Manifesto’s list of brands to achieve balance. The event began with an instrumental performance by Samrah and ended with the guests and designers engaging in an intimate conversation while sipping beverages served and sponsored by Arrow Coffee and Tapped Birch Water. The pieces were available at Manifesto until 30th October.

Notes from Mira:

Two weeks. That was all it took to see everything come together. Organising my first official styling event, a part of #MiraSianiparPresents, while managing a few other projects was surreal. I am extremely grateful to my friends turned team - Lina Osman, Mona Lajam, Nureen Hanisah, Marcus, May and last but not least, my partner-in-crime, Khairil Sianipar. Special thanks to Manifesto team for turning my vision into a reality. To the designers who said, “Mira, I’m only doing this because of you,” I’d like to express my heartiest thank you for your trust, precious time and effort. Lots of gut, faith and hustling involved in the process, and even more following the wrap-up of “Elevate Your Style”.

Here’s to wishing everybody positive vibes always.

Til the next Mira Sianipar Presents.

Lots of love,